A Classic Wedding at the Golden Valley Country Club in Golden Valley, Minnesota

When Kristy (24 and a web programmer) met Jeff (24 and a project manager) in her first job out of college, she was surprised when the two of them hit it off at a company Halloween party. "We're self-proclaimed nerds, so I was dressed as Princess Leia and he was dressed up as Indiana Jones," the bride says. Before Jeff proposed however, he just so happened to find Kristy's Pinterest board with a specific ring that she had in mind. Once he tracked down the Pinterest-perfect ring, Jeff rented out the Como Zoo Planetarium for a night of sushi and stargazing before popping the question. For their classic country club wedding in Golden Valley, the couple stuck to a yellow and gray color scheme that included silk tulips (the bride's favorite) and DIY centerpieces. "We added personal touches to our vows, too, and I spent a weekend with both my mom and sisters to create homemade strawberry jam that we passed out as favors. We ended up loving our classy look and felt the decor was classic with a modern twist."