A Classic Wedding at the Hickory Street Annex in Dallas, Texas

Kathryn Bentley (25 and an adjunct instructor) and Andrew Butler (27 and a Naval Intelligence Officer) fused a pastel color palette with soft linens and roses for their wedding at the industrial and historic Hickory Street Annex in Dallas, Texas. “Only having three weeks to plan locally allowed me to go with my gut on quite a few decisions and not second-guess myself,” Kathyrn says. Andrew was deployed during the planning. To match Andrew's US Navy choker whites, Kathryn brought his uniform to the salon, ultimately choosing the very first gown she sampled.  While guests snacked on charcuterie and bacon-wrapped apricots, the couple dined privately upstairs to enjoy each other’s company and to reflect on the day's emotion. Her advice to other couples pulls from her own experience: “Take a moment to look around and enjoy every single person at your wedding because they’ve loved and supported you throughout your life,” Kathryn says.