A Classic Wedding in San Francisco, CA

Shawnti and Andrew started training as managers at Target on the same day and got placed at the same store, where they worked together for almost two years. During that time, they became great friends and often made excuses to stay late at work and chat in each other’s offices. When Shawnti got promoted and had to change store locations, they realized they felt something more than friendship. Andrew called and asked Shawnti out on a dinner date. Ten months into their relationship, Shawnti got a new job that moved her to California while Andrew stayed in Arizona. The Bride Shawnti Small, 28, a retail store manager The Groom Andrew Fray, 28, a retail assistant manager The Date September 5 Two months later, when she flew back to Arizona for Christmas, Andrew proposed. They spent the next year and nine months planning an elegant wedding in the Bay area, where most of Shawnti’s family lives. Since Andrew’s family comes from Connecticut and Arizona, the couple wanted a quintessential San Francisco location to reflect the city.