A Classy, Cultural Wedding at Fairfax at Embassy Row in Washington, DC

It's a beautiful thing to see how the traditions of two different cultures can be fused together at a wedding. That's what happened at the marriage of Erica Ogoe (29 and a management consultant) and Peter Derpinghaus (32 and a social worker) at the Fairfax at Embassy Row in Washington, DC. Their celebration, which seamlessly combined Erica's Ghanaian culture with Peter's Catholic traditions, was planned by Hello Love Events and photographed by Terri Baskin Photography. Erica and Peter had a Catholic ceremony at St. Peter's Cathedral, where Erica was walked down the aisle by her two brothers and Peter's aunts spoke and read pieces for them. At the elegant ballroom reception, Erica and Peter changed from Western style wedding attire into colorful Ghanaian dress. They danced the night away to African rhythms with their friends and family. "What really reflected us as a couple was how much we involved our family and our cultures," Erica says. "As an interracial, intercultural couple, we had a lot to balance, and we wanted to make sure that both sides were equally represented."