A Colorful Beach Wedding at the Hideaway Beach Club in Marco Island, Florida

Lauren Stanley (30 and a city planner) and Matthew (Matt) Fehr (32 and works in healthcare management) met through mutual friends while Lauren was studying in graduate school. They soon began dating and have been together ever since. For the proposal, Matt combined two special moments. The couple planned a trip to Curacao for Lauren’s birthday. They became engaged as they were swimming along the sea floor. “While we were snorkeling, Matt picked up a clam shell from the bottom of a shallow cove and handed it to Lauren, telling her to open it,” she says. She found her engagement ring inside the shell as hotel staffers took pictures of the happy couple. “It was so unexpected and perfect!” says Lauren. Her and Matt were wed nine months later in Florida, the state where they first met as well as Matt’s home state. The couple decorated their colorful wedding in a beach theme with shades of shades of pink, purple, white, silver and blue. Personal touches were to the wedding day through a popcorn bar to represent Lauren’s home state of Texas, a photo booth and personalized choreographed first dance. “I think our choreographed dance really reflected who we are as a couple,” says Lauren. The dance included four different songs and was a surprise to their guests. Lauren and Matt gave their 85 friends and family members personalized bags of popcorn as wedding favors.