A Colorful Brunch Wedding at the Wine Loft in Birmingham, Alabama

Mary Frances Bennett (26 and a floral event specialist) wed Brennan Vaughn (32 and a chemical engineer) in a brightly colored summertime brunch wedding at the Wine Loft in Birmingham, Alabama. “Flowers inspired my style. Since I'm in the floral industry, I always see muted color tones come across my desk,” Mary Frances says. “I wasn’t interested in that, I wanted bright and vibrant colors. We got married in May because the flowers in bloom then were exactly what I wanted for my wedding.” Throughout the day, pops of coral and red were accompanied by fresh bright greenery. After the ceremony at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in Hoover, Alabama, the newlyweds hosted their 180 guests at a brunch at the Wine Loft. For dessert, guests had a traditional wedding cake and a cinnamon-roll-flavored groom's cake drizzled with caramel. When it was time to go, Mary Frances got creative. “I made 200 ribbon wands for our send-off,” Mary Frances says. “We got married at 11 a.m., and the reception was over by 4 p.m. I wasn't able to have sparklers or throw petals, so I had to come up with something else. I was so worried that they weren't going to have much of an impact. But as soon as we stepped outside, the wind kicked up and those ribbons were flying. It was a magical day.” —Carolyn Meers