A Colorful DIY Wedding at the Historic Rice Mill in Charleston, South Carolina

Charlee-Ann Charron (27 and the owner of Fancy Face Studio) and Jesse McMahon (31 and the owner of Old Stone Cold Brew) couldn't deny their instant chemistry upon meeting through a mutual friend at the beach. "Jesse and I ended up spending the entire day talking on the beach, laughing and flirting,” Charlee-Ann says. When it came time to say "I do," The New Hampshire natives hosted a rustic waterfront wedding at the Historic Rice Mill in Charleston, South Carolina. “It had the rustic charm of a New England mill but the Southern charm of being situated right on the water,” Charlee-Ann says. Owning her own wedding design company has its perks because Charlee-Ann beautifully handcrafted nearly every decorative element for a small fraction of the price. Tying in rose gold and ocean blue hues to accent the rustic mill and coastal environment, Charlee-Ann made her company’s signature tassel garland to string from large balloons that glistened in the setting sun over the Charleston Harbor. “I started experimenting with different types of paper and fell in love with the texture and flexibility of coffee filters,” Charlee-Ann says. The backdrop for the ceremony was made by dying the filters and stringing them together in cone shapes, mimicking the undulations from the surrounding sea. To maintain their strict budget, Charlee-Ann and Jesse had friends and family collect soup cans for a year. “I spray-painted them copper and used them as vases for our flowers,” she says. Sticking to what these small business owners do best, Charlee-Ann and Jesse poured creativity, love and ingenuity into their destination wedding. “The best thing we did was to do what felt right for us," she says. "You don't need to rush life. It will happen, and it will be beautiful. Just enjoy the ride.” Juliette Cheatham