A Colorful Greenhouse Wedding In Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Jon Roselle (27 and a professional management consultant) and Ali Kahn (25 and a professional accountant) met performing in musicals together at the University of Michigan Gilbert & Sullivan Society (UMGASS) during college and became close friends after serving on the Executive Board together. "We ?fell in love over the course of several shows there and the rest is history!" says Ali.?Musical theater was such a part of their relationship that they even got engaged on stage after a performance of "The Pirates of Penzance." Jon surprised Ali during a curtain call in front of a sold out house; he had the stage manager hold the curtain and the music director played a love duet as he gave his speech. Her entire family, including her grandmother, were in the audience as well as Jon's mother. Jon's father was even on stage in the chorus!?Jon and Ali live in New York, but chose to have their ceremony and reception at the Planterra greenhouse in Bloomfield, Michigan for their ceremony and reception because it was a combination of natural beauty and modern style. "It was a debate whether to marry in the midwest or the Big Apple. But it was an easy decision once we found Planterra," Ali says. "The venue's wonderful open space made it the perfect venue for us, and they were able to plan the food, floral, and decor for us in-house, even from out of state."The couple incorporated their mutual love of musical theater into several aspects of their wedding—their seating chart, table decor and even vows were all inspired by their favorite musicals. ?"The combination of theater and live music truly reflected us as a couple and served to entertain our guests with a night they won't forget," Ali says. "It served dual purposes: it paid homage to our shared interests and our history as a couple, and it kept our friends on the dance floor all night."