A Colorful Industrial Wedding at Cannery One in Nashville, Tennessee

Rachel (30 and a marketing manager) first met Nick (29 and a mobile app designer) first met at work and unsuccessfully tried to keep their blooming romance under wraps. It wasn't until they came clean with their coworkers that they learned that no one was surprised by their relationship! When it came time to propose, Nick enlisted the help of Rachel's best friend and had her plant a story about wanting to start a side business and needing help with the website. "She had mentioned it before and sent me a text with a link while we were out walking our dog," says Rachel. "I ignored it at first but Nick prodded me to look, and I opened it, it was a beautifully designed mobile site that swiped through all of the reasons he loved me!" The pair planned an industrial-chic celebration at Cannery One, a beautiful old factory that's been converted into an event space, in Nashville, Tennessee. "It had the perfect mix of wood floors, exposed brick walls and sweeping views of downtown," says Rachel. They warmed their warehouse-like space with a bright teal, yellow and gray color palette—a nice color transition between summer and fall. Rachel stunned in a gown made by her good friend Olia Zavozina—and she closed her bridal shop so that Rachel and bridesmaid could turn dress shopping into a party. ”We drank champagne and all tried one dresses—it took the stress out of finding the dress and is one of my favorite memories!" says Rachel. “Even though weddings can be stressful, I just focused on the fact that it’s one of the only times that everyone I love is in one room—plus the prettiest brides are the ones who are having fun!”