A Colorful, Rustic Wedding at Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden in Austin, Texas

Lauren Pasternack (33 and an interior designer) and Ben Siegel (33 and a restaurateur) went to high school together, but only started dating after reconnecting at their 10-year reunion. First couple said their vows at the home they lovingly restored, followed by a seated dinner at Ben’s restaurant, Banger’s. “We wanted to show our family and friends our life and community here, and what better way to do that than celebrate at the house and restaurant we built?” Lauren says. Lauren rocked a relaxed bespoke gown. “I wanted it to be breathable so I could dance in it, but still feel textured and vintage inspired,” Lauren says. The couple’s nephew pulled their 9-month-old son, Hank, down the aisle in a wagon. Postceremony, the newlyweds and 300 guests traveled to the reception with gusto. “After we said ‘I do,’ we had a New Orleans–style brass band pop out of our house and lead the way from our ceremony,” Lauren says. “Our main priority was to throw a really good party. We didn’t want a sit-down dinner, speeches or anything that felt too formal.” Cookies with Lauren and Ben’s faces topped the funfetti cake. A brass band performed the hora as the newlyweds were lifted on their chairs. Guests had their pick of various bars, ranging from a Scotch-and-cigar station to a late-night ramen noodle setup. “Our favorite was the ramen,” Lauren says. “What else do you want when you’re drinking and dancing? It was perfect.”