A Colorful, Southwestern Wedding at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Color set the theme for Ferrell Fields (33 and in government relations) and Jason Damen's (38 and a lobbyist) wedding at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in

Color set the theme for Ferrell Fields (33 and in government relations) and Jason Damen's (38 and a lobbyist) wedding at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. “We wanted a bright and eclectic fiesta,” Ferrell says. “We wanted it to be a big, fun party that was not stuffy. We wanted lots of bright colors and for everyone to have fun.” The bold choice of florals, a fun band and some of the couple’s favorite foods (fried chicken and buttermilk pies) led to a fantastic fiesta that marked Ferrell and Jason’s first day as husband and wife. “We wanted to celebrate our love with our friends and family, and I think we did just that,” Ferrell says. “We danced, we ate, we laughed till we cried, we imbibed, and we smiled. “It was an epic party, and I think that everyone went home knowing how much we appreciated their love and support through the years.” Her advice for life together past the big day: “We love life and try to dance and laugh every day, even when we have had bad days.” She says it helps them both “be joyful every day.” —Ginger Harris

Inspired by the lace from her gown, Ferrell went with a whimsical font in the hue her bridesmaids would wear for her invitation.
"I fell in love with the Oscar de La Renta dress right off the bat," Ferrell says. "I wanted sleeves, though. I loved another lace from another Oscar de la Renta dress, and the gals from Joan Pillow Bridal Salon ordered the lace and made me the custom overlay," Ferrell says.
In keeping with the colorful theme she and Jason chose, Ferrell's bridesmaids donned bold purpleI dresses. "I wanted a bright color for the bridesmaids dress and loved the purple and style ofrnthe dresses," she says.
The bridesmaid's bouquets were the perfect accessory to their bold dresses and featured roses in a lighter shade with touches of green and orange.
"The flower girl dresses were the best," Ferrell says. The custom Mi Golondrina dresses came from Dallas, Texas, and featured purple detail. "They looked perfect on our two sweet flower girls," Ferrell says.
The outdoor setting at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, was picture perfect for Ferrell and Jason. "We were married on the staircase outside Escondido's clubhouse on the golf course. It was a gorgeous setting," Ferrell says.
Ferrell loved how her florist's extravagant floral choice. "Wendee Sawran used tons of flowers on the railing and on the two huge pillars where the ceremony took place," Ferrell says. In the end the result was as bold as it was beautiful.
The bold floral choice also spilled over to the wooden chairs at the ceremony, as garland peppered with beautiful buds draped the outdoor affair.
"We had maracas on the chairs that said 'shake responsibly,' and everyone shook them when we walked down the isle," Ferrell says. "I loved it."
When it came to the wedding theme, Ferrell knew one thing: "I wanted our wedding to reflect Jason and me and our fun and outgoing personalities."
What would a Southwestern-themed wedding be without donkeys? "We had beer donkeys, which were such an awesome touch. They carried around beers for people to take after the ceremony," Ferrell says.
Custom touches, like white Mexican papel picado, gave Ferrell and Jason's celebration a true Southwestern feel.
"My grandfather did the watercolor of the doors of Escondido, and it was used as our save-the-dates," Ferrell says. It was then displayed during the cocktail reception at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.
Ferrell and Jason held their ceremony and reception at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. "We had to tent the area, and it turned out so wonderful," Ferrell says. "We strung papel picado throughout the tent with festoon lights. It was gorgeous."
The centerpieces took much of the same inspiration as the rest of the florals from the wedding. "I wanted lots of bright colors with different textures,"  Ferrell says.
"Wendee Sawran was absolutely incredible and brought our vision to life. It was over-the-top with color, and I loved it," Ferrell says of the two types of centerpieces at the reception.
When it came to dessert, guests savored mini buttermilk pies and a tall layered cake. "Simon Lee was incredible. The cake was delicious, and people were fighting over the mini buttermilk pies," Ferrell says.
"I never left the dance floor," Ferrell says. She and her mother made custom ribbon wands for guests to wave around that dance floor and as the couple exited, bringing another blast of color to the day. The dance floor was a sea of ribbons. It was just a big giant colorful dance party," Ferrell says.