A Colorful, Southwestern Wedding at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Color set the theme for Ferrell Fields (33 and in government relations) and Jason Damen's (38 and a lobbyist) wedding at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. “We wanted a bright and eclectic fiesta,” Ferrell says. “We wanted it to be a big, fun party that was not stuffy. We wanted lots of bright colors and for everyone to have fun.” The bold choice of florals, a fun band and some of the couple’s favorite foods (fried chicken and buttermilk pies) led to a fantastic fiesta that marked Ferrell and Jason’s first day as husband and wife. “We wanted to celebrate our love with our friends and family, and I think we did just that,” Ferrell says. “We danced, we ate, we laughed till we cried, we imbibed, and we smiled. “It was an epic party, and I think that everyone went home knowing how much we appreciated their love and support through the years.” Her advice for life together past the big day: “We love life and try to dance and laugh every day, even when we have had bad days.” She says it helps them both “be joyful every day.” —Ginger Harris