A Colorful Summer Wedding at The Mansion at Bald Hill in Woodstock, Connecticut

Brielle Hart (26, a teacher) and John Grassey (25, a theatre general manager) met in college. They were best friends since freshman year and began officially dating junior year. John proposed to Brielle on their 4-year anniversary of dating: June 7, 2012. Since it was their anniversary, Brielle was not confused by any extra romantic behavior John displayed. Therefore, the proposal was a total surprise -- smart planning on John's part. After having a lovely lunch at the Top of the Hub (a restaurant overlooking Boston at the top of the Prudential Center), John and Brielle visited one of their favorite spots: the abandoned mansion at the gardens of Elm Bank in Wellesley, Massachusetts. John presented Brielle with a beautiful journal filled with pages of memories, favorite quotes and inside jokes from the past 4 years of their relationship. Most impressively, John hand made the notebook himself, jumping out of bed to break out the fabric, paper and dental floss to build the journal when Brielle left to nanny in the morning! After reading the whole book through, John got down on one knee after telling Brielle that the last entry in the journal will be "always remembering Brielle's face when I ask her to marry me." Having asked both Brielle's family and his own for their blessing before proposing to Brielle, John also had an engagement dinner party planned for everyone at a local restaurant where Brielle's Dad's band was playing that night. It was a beautiful day filled with memories they will each cherish forever.“We are originally from New England and knew that we wanted to get married in either Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts since our families were spread evenly throughout those states,” Brielle says.