A Colorful, Whimsical Wedding at a Private Estate in Sonoma, California

Karin Fisher (27 and a PhD student in physics) met Benjamin Shepperson while moving out of her rented room in Aarhas, Denmark. Ben, a native of England, was moving in, and happened to be studying physics at the same school. “We started going to pub quizzes together, and the rest is history,” Karin says. When it came to choosing colors for their wedding, these elemental experts were attracted to reds, yellows and teals. “We really like bright colors, especially in the fire color spectrum,” Karin says. For their wedding, which took place at a friend’s private estate in Sonoma, California, Karin and Ben personalized the day’s traditions to reflect their relationship. “Ben's parents walked him down the aisle, and my parents walked me down as well, creating a spirit of equality,” Karin says. “This was something that was important to me because, while I loved getting married to Ben, I personally struggled to reconcile the historically patriarchal traditions that go along with it. This was our way of feeling equal.” The couple’s individuality shined through numerous other details, including Karin’s brilliantly nontraditional red ombre wedding gown, the couple’s personalized vows and a specially brewed beer. “For the ceremony, don't give into societal pressure if it doesn't feel right. Same goes with all the other aspects,” Karin says. “Do what feels right for you.” —Carolyn Meers