A Coral Vintage Wedding in Rock Hill, SC

Kelsey and Tanner grew up as family friends after their moms met in a grocery store while they were both pregnant. The couple began dating during junior year of high school and while they attended University of South Carolina together. Tanner proposed in Kelsey's family's backyard while both of their families were gathered for a cookout. Their families watched the whole thing from the balcony! The Bride: Kelsey Nyman, 21, student at USC, store manager, professional dancer, dance teacher The Groom:Tanner Crum, 21, student at USC, industrial warehouse operator The Date:May 2012 The couple chose Kelsey's backyard for the venue because of the sentimental value, since Tanner would come to visit Tanner at Kelsey's house when they were young and because he proposed there. The couple chose a vintage, shabby chic theme with a khaki and coral color palette.