A Country-Chic Italian Wedding at Tenuta dell'Olmo in Rome, Italy

Caterina Lops (32 and a physicist) impressed Federico Giannetti (33 and an engineer) when she defeated him at a numbers-based drinking game with their friends -- he, of course, fell madly in love. Ten years later, the couple was wed at the Mausoleum of Santa Costanza in Rome, Italy, the same place where the bride’s mother got married. “I love this mausoleum since it is very simple and with a circular layout, so every one of our guests could see us during the ceremony,” says Caterina. They hosted their reception at Tenuta dell'Olmo, a farm near Rome. Fibre Di Luce captured the day, and the simple, naturally beautiful venue, with its red silos, lawn and open stable, was the perfect spot for dining, dancing and mingling. Coupled with the periwinkle, green and white color palette, rustic, vintage props like furniture, rope and glass jars created a laid-back, country-chic atmosphere. “We chose every detail and accommodation to reflect us as a couple and put our guests at ease,” says Caterina. Instead of traditional wedding favors, the couple donated to a charity project for social and work integration for the people at Casa Giocosa.