A Country City Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

After four years of dating on Christmas Day, Celeste’s last yet most important gift to open was an engagement ring as Brian asked her to marry him. They were engaged for a little over a year before they were married in what they considered a country wedding in the city The Bride Celeste Miller, 31, Designer, Anthropologie The Groom Brian Westfield, 38, Berwind Corporation The Date June 2 Celeste and Brian wanted a rustic country wedding. Brian is originally from Philadelphia and Celeste moved there for her job so it was a clear choice for them where they would host their wedding. Bartram’s Garden, even though it is located in the city, provided them with a rustic garden setting. Celeste and Brian combined the oldest botanical garden in the country with accents such as lace, twine and burlap for their country city wedding.