A Country Fall Wedding at the New Albany Granville Equestrian Center in Johnstown, Ohio

Dan worked at the horse-boarding farm where Carrie moved her horse to when they first met under strange circumstances. Dan didn't have a clue that Carrie's horse was extremely territorial and learned the hard way when he was in the stall with the horse, getting hurt in the process. Carrie felt horrible and wanted to make it up to Dan, so she took him out to dinner as an apologetic act. Little did Carrie and Dan know a horse injury would lead to falling in love with each other and an engagement two years later. After the couple went out to dinner at one of Carrie's favorite restaurant one evening, Dan brought Carrie back to the stable where they had met. Dan nervously got down on the dirt and asked Carrie to marry him as he opened the box revealing the ring. However, he had opened the box upside down, and Carrie said yes as she grabbed the ring before it fell to the dirty ground. The couple decided to remodel their home and take a vacation to Ireland before they had their wedding, but thirteen years later, they got married at the New Albany Granville Equestrian Center that they built and started themselves. Their love of horses and the country lifestyle is what brought them together and continues to be shared.?Carrie + DanielElegant Fall Country WeddingOctober 12, 2013New Albany Granville Equestrian CenterJohnstown, OhioFor Carrie and Daniel, their passion for horses not only brought them together, but they have created a life dedictated to it. Together they built and started the New Albany Granville Equestrian Center in Johnstown, Ohio. It's a beautiful and picturesque 80-acre horse boarding and training facility. (I highly recommend it if you're looking for a place to board your horses or take some lessons!) Their love of horses and the country lifestyle is something that continue to share and embrace daily through their business. When they were searching for a venue for their wedding day, it was an easy decision for them to hold the ceremony and reception on their own property at the New Albany Granville Equestrian Center. The location was perfect for their big day and was at a place that was incredibly signicant for them!Carrie had been planning the wedding for over a year, thinking through every detail that would make their wedding unique and give them an elegant and classic country wedding. Her creativity and hard work made their elegant, country wedding dream come to life! Since they were having a fall wedding, Carrie got creative and used heirloom pumpkins stuffed with white roses for her centerpieces and ceremony aisle markers. (Heirloom pumpkins is a general term for really unique types of pumpkins that are in shapes and colors different from your standard orange, circular pumpkin). The final product was absolutely stunning and sophisticated.?Following the fall theme, brightly colored red, orange, yellow, and green leaves were given to each guest before the ceremony to toss as the couple made their way back down the aisle after being announced as husband and wife. For the reception, the couple really wanted to have warm and romantic lighting. They placed multiple candles on each of the tables for a warm ambience. One of the breathtaking parts of their day was the hundreds of paper lanterns that covered the ceiling in their reception tent. The canopy of glowing lanterns really gave the reception a magical feel. The beautiful setting, Carrie's careful attention to detail, and the couple's love for each other and love of life made their wedding one to remember. We had a wonderful time capturing all the special moments and details of their big day and hope that they'll remember their big day with a smile everytime they look at their photos. We are so excited to share some of our favorites from their big day!