A Country Summer Wedding at the Red Deer Lake Community Centre in Alberta, Canada

Kassie (27, a Teacher) and Nathan (29, a Hydro-Geologist) both love the outdoors, which made Nathan's proposal on a hike in Waterton, Alberta a perfect choice for the couple. The couple decided to get married at Red Deer Lake, where Kassie's grandmother taught at a one room schoolhouse years prior--a schoolhouse that is still on the grounds to this day! The couple knew they wanted a fun, casual vibe for their wedding, something that the Red Deer Lake Community Centre provided perfectly (as well as providing beautiful views of the mountains and the prairie). Kassie loves the color turquoise and she let that love filter into many aspects of the wedding; from her peep toe heels to the glass bottles used for the centerpieces. After enjoying turquoise frosted cupcakes (made by one of Kassie's close friends) the couple danced the night away in the mountains. "We have lots of family and friends who just love to dance and party, so it was a fun night!" Kassie recalls.