A Country Wedding in Glen Ellen, CA

A mutual friend set up Sabena and Kevin at a dinner party. Sabena’s schedule was crazy, though, and it took almost a full month for the two to set a date. When they finally did, it went so well that Kevin asked Sabena for a second date the following day while they were still on their first. They quickly became a couple after that. The Bride Sabena Budke, 33, a management supervisor ad an advertising agency The Groom Kevin Hageman, 35, a screenwriter The Date September 5 About a year and a half later, Sabena and Kevin took a trip to Granada, Spain, where Sabena had spent a year during college. After struggling to find a quiet corner away from all the tourists, Kevin proposed in the gardens at Alhambra Castle. They spent the next year planning a wine country wedding with a whimsical forest theme.