A Cozy, Rustic Winter Wedding at Cotton Creek Barn in Tahoka, Texas

Taylor Langston (24 and a reporter for Texas Tech Athletics) and Drew Peters (24 and a high school football coach for Monterey High School in Lubbock) wanted to re-create a romantic winter escape for their nuptials. They pulled it off with the help of rustic winter details, a festive seasonal palette and a surprise snow storm.

“We love to be outside, and we liked the feel of a snowy cabin in the mountains at Christmas—and that’s exactly what we got with Cotton Creek,” Taylor says. “It snowed the night before our wedding, and that only made it that much more perfect. It was like God was blessing us on that day, knowing exactly what we wanted to make it even more special.”

“Floor-length, gold sequin dresses that suited each of my eight bridesmaids was a tall order, but they were all stunning,” Taylor says.

“Drew and I wanted the very natural, rustic, raw feel of the wood barn to complement the glitz of the gold sequin dresses and the bold color pops of the flowers,” Taylor says of their vision. Wine bottles striped with gold glitter held wintry blooms, and wood accents, votives and fun trinkets were placed in the middle of the tables. 

Guests took home bags of caramel popcorn at the end of the night.

Taylor and Drew aren’t huge fans of cake, so instead they treated guests to an assortment of cheesecakes and a DIY s’mores bar, which fit perfectly with their wintry theme. To christen the dance floor, the pair opted for a non-traditional first dance. Instead of taking a spin together, the newlyweds joined their wedding party and parents in a flash mob performance to “Classic” by MTKO. “We forgot a lot of moves, but it was still a good time!” Taylor says. 

The bride’s and groom’s chairs were marked with black and gold signs, a swag of tulle and warm blankets.