A Cozy Winter Wedding at the Green Building in Brooklyn, New York

For their winter wedding in Brooklyn, New York, Jackson Bloom (35 and a diplomat) and Jacob Jeffries (35 and a diplomat) pulled off an intimate affair that captured the essence of the holiday season. Since they had just returned home from a two-year assignment in Mumbai, India, Jackson and Jacob missed the coziness and warmth of Christmas in the US. “We thought that the urban-barn feel of the Green Building would be the perfect welcome home,” Jackson says. Working with Sprout Home, the pair infused the Green Building’s rustic-industrial event space with seasonal cheer: lush wreaths, winter greens and candlelight. Piping-hot cocktails garnished with cinnamon sticks kept guests cozy as they mixed and mingled, and a menu featuring comfort food favorites such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a decadent assortment of classic pies played up the evening’s laid-back vibe. The couple incorporated nods to their adventures in India with vintage ship lanterns they collected at Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar, custom suits designed in Mumbai and favors wrapped in decorative papier-mache boxes from Kashmir. A tip from Jackson: “An opportunity to celebrate life and love with family and friends is worth every penny.” —Libby MacCarthy