A Cultural Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

Amy literally fell for Lawrence: She tripped at an orientation at the University of Michigan, and Lawrence caught her. The two wound up sitting next to each other in accounting class and started a relationship. They dated for three years before Amy’s parents visited them in the Chicago area. While Lawrence and Amy’s dad were alone picking up the rental car, Lawrence asked for a blessing so he could propose! The Bride Amy Mecozzi, 33, physician The Groom Lawrence Cho, 31, consultant The Date April 18 A week later, Lawrence popped the question in a spot where the pair often took walks: a playground. He and Amy had an eight-month-long engagement and planned a wedding in Ann Arbor, where they’d met and where Lawrence grew up. The bride’s love of gardening, the couple’s passion for travel and Lawrence’s Korean heritage inspired many of the day’s details, including a paebaek and a sage-green signature hue.