A DIY Comic Book Wedding at a Private Residence in Beaumont, California

Jessica O’Toole (27 and a steam locomotive engineer) and David Tercero (32 and a graphic designer) went with a “geek chic” wedding theme, celebrating what made them fall in love with each other. “We really wanted to try to do it in a way where it felt like a classic backyard wedding, just with nerdy sprinkles scattered throughout,” Jessica says. “This way, our friends and family didn’t feel out of place, but the ones who noticed the details got superexcited.” After meeting at a punk rock show (they were in separate bands at the time) and connecting over “more nerdy topics, like favorite video games and sci-fi dramas,” Dave and Jess knew they were going to a big part of each other’s lives. They started a band together and “decided to go out, just to see what would happen.” After their first kiss, everything changed. “Dave just sat there with this look, like he just had the most important epiphany of his life, like suddenly the world stopped and everything made sense,” Jess says. After a moment of silence, he announced, “That’s it. I found you.” Eventually they moved in together, keeping “music, creativity and general nerdiness at the core of our relationship,” Jess says. Their wedding reflected this, with invitation references to "Doctor Who," "The Avengers," "Star Wars," "My Neighbor Totoro," "Pokemon," "Back to the Future," "Harry Potter" and "Jurassic Park." In addition, their preceremony music consisted of songs from favorite video games performed on piano, and attire included a "Doctor Who"-themed garter for the bride and socks for the groom. The reception featured vintage arcade games like Pac-Man, Q-bert and Donkey Kong, plus a comic book page photo wall created with props from conventions the couple attended together, a "Totoro"-themed wedding cake a BB-8 disco ball, and River Song’s journal (from "Doctor Who") as their handmade guest book. Other elements included Double Double burgers provided by an In-N-Out catering truck, tater tots served by the local sandwich shop and a self-serve beverage bar. As for the ceremony, Jess says she didn’t have anyone “give her away” because that felt old-fashioned. “I’ve always been independent, followed my heart and made my own decisions,” she says. After being announced husband and wife, they made their way to the arcade area and played a game of Marvel vs. Capcom. “We aren’t a very traditional couple, and that’s one of the things we love about our relationship,” Jess says. “As such, we never felt the need to blindly follow any sort of tradition. Instead, we look at our lives and cultivate each aspect to suit our needs and interests, and we couldn’t be happier. Complete honesty and open communication are essential to creating a sustainable, balanced and happy life. You should never be afraid, no matter how silly you may feel. Celebrate your individuality.” —Chrissy Sorenson