A DIY, Love Park-Inspired Wedding at Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, Connecticut

Adrienne Sack (30 and a freelance TV producer) admits she never really thought she wanted a wedding. “I felt like I married Drew the day I quit my job in Florida, moved jobless to Connecticut and went about the murky journey of finding my way in the world of freelance TV production, all while holding the only hand I ever wanted to hold,” Adrienne says. “That is commitment. ‘I do’ kind of pales in comparison.” But when Andrew Gallagher (37 and a coordinating producer for ESPN) popped the question, he knew the memories would be ones she wouldn’t want to pass up. The couple planned a fun, intimate affair on a warm July weekend at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, Connecticut. Against a breathtaking backdrop of the lush, mountainous landscape, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows in a customized interfaith ceremony, moving their friends and families to tears. The reception took place under the Interlaken Inn’s permanent tent, which Adrienne completely transformed into a reinterpretation of Philadelphia’s Love Park. “Drew is a Philly guy from a Philly family and I just knew that the permanent tent Interlaken uses for receptions could be converted magically and easily into a version of Love Park,” Adrienne says. She brought in a woodworker to re-create Philadelphia’s iconic "Love" sign, then used handcrafted moon and stars to illuminate the dance floor and hung lovebirds and lanterns from trees to bring her vision to life. Instead of standard arrangements of romantic blooms, Adrienne did things a little differently when it came to the centerpieces. She planted grasses, herbs, succulents and wildflowers in terra-cotta and metal pots and placed them in clusters on each table. The couple also incorporated a “lid for every pot” theme into the decor, a play on Adrienne’s personal mantra and a nugget of wisdom her father shared with her while growing up. “Some things are just better together: salt and pepper, lock and key, Drew and me,” Adrienne says. There were playful hints of this motif woven throughout the wedding, from the stationery to the table numbers and even the couple’s Rocky and Adrian Balboa cake topper. Andrew performed a rendition of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” and the couple had a Gummi Bear bar for guests to nibble on throughout the evening. All in all, the day was the perfect reflection of the couple’s fun-loving personalities and their love for each other. A tip from Adrienne: “Find a way to tell your guests your story. Every aspect of your personal story and your relationship is held up by the witnesses who have sacrificed to be present at your event. It's so much more about them than it even is about you. Think about their experience, and try to make it worth the dry-cleaning bill. Decide what you want and what you can’t accept, and make decisions based on that. Something is going to go wrong and you’ll never guess what it will be, so you’re better off not worrying about the thing you’re worrying about. I believe everything matters and I believe the effort you put into the thing is equal to the enjoyment you will get from it. So dive in.”