A DIY, Rustic-Chic Wedding at The Farm in Rome, Georgia

Emily Williams (24 and an insurance agent) always thought Austen Earp (23 and a musician) was cute when she would see him at church but spent years th

Emily Williams (24 and an insurance agent) always thought Austen Earp (23 and a musician) was cute when she would see him at church but spent years thinking he was out of her league. While she was studying abroad in Ireland, Emily sent Austen a Facebook message complementing his band and the pair began talking. Austen told his friend's after just their first date that Emily was the girl he was going to marry. It didn't take long before Austen asked Emily's parents for their blessing and he carried a custom ring with him everywhere for weeks before finding the perfect time to propose. "We went to the recreational fountain in the downtown area and decided to run through the fountain," says Emily. "We’ve done that occasionally, but this time he picked me up to carry me through and I knew something was up—the only other time he'd carried me through the fountain was our first kiss and the first time he told me he loved me. When we got to the other side, he got down on one knee and I lost it!" After falling in love in Rome, it felt natural for the couple to plan a local wedding at The Farm in Rome, Georgia. A lavender, cranberry and taupe color palette popped against the North Georgia mountain backdrop and DIY wheat grass arrangements enhanced the relaxed feel. "We got married at a beautiful, remote and rustic farm but our wedding was not the typical 'cowboy boots and hay barrels' type of wedding," says Emily. "With the venue's metal beams, the old English structure of the barns and the fields looking over the mountains, we knew instantly that this was the place where we would commit the rest of our lives to each other!" Emily and Austen settled on an "Italian countryside" theme and decorated their casual wedding similar to how they decorated their home—everything was DIY with neutral accents, rustic wood work and dried flowers. "We are pretty artistic people and it like we were serving our friends—we absolutely loved that!" says Emily.?We love lavender and wheat grass On a gorgeous April afternoon just outside a beautiful barn Emily and Austen said I do. They met at church- she was a barista at their little coffee shop and he would sometimes play in the worship band. He'd noticed her from a distance but it took him awhile to gain the courage to get the number from the girl whose smile absolutely captivated him... It didn't take long once Austen began to get to know Emily that he discovered that her beauty and sweetness radiated from the inside out and her heart was even more beautiful and before he knew it he'd fallen in love. She loves him for the way he supports her, stands beside her and showers her with unconditional love. He leads them together to strive for God's best and with him she finds herself trying to best the best person she can be. These two share a love that's undeniable and true. It was an absolute honor to be a part of their beautiful celebration of not only the love they share but to see the love they share with their family and friends as well.

Emily and Austen's Grand Exit
"We had so much fun during our first look session—just full of nerves and laughter!" says Emily. "That moment when you first see each other you lose your breath, you can’t stop smiling, your heart beats fast. There’s no one in the world but you two."
The bridesmaids carried rustic dried grass, baby's breath and wheat grass bouquets with their mixed purple dresses.
The wedding party wore different shades of lavender chiffon dresses. "I didn’t pick one style, instead I let the girls decide based on their body type," says Emily. "I wanted them to feel beautiful and comfortable in a dress that fit them."
The men wore charcoal dress pants with vests, white button down shirts, and deep red ties that accented the bridesmaids' jewelry.
The couple decorated their rustic wedding similar to how they decorated their home: in neutral shades with rustic wood work and dried flowers.
DIY Dried Wheat Grass Aisle Marker
Inspired by their Italian countryside theme, the couple set each table with various bottle of Italian wine for guests to enjoy with dinner.
"A general 'Italian countryside' theme seemed to flow through the day and we did all of the decorations ourselves," says Emily. "We are pretty artistic people and it  like we were serving our friends—we absolutely loved that!"
Emily and Austen's Outdoor Georgia Ceremony
The bride wore an intricate Claire Pettibone gown that she purchased from a small boutique in Atlanta. "I knew that I wanted my dress to be a symbol of adornment and beauty for my husband," says Emily. "I was his prize, his gift as my parents presented me to him as his life partner and I absolutely love the gown!"
"We met in Rome, Georgia and felt that promising our love to each other in Rome would be perfect!" says Emily.
Emily and Austen's First Dance
Single Tier Rustic Wedding Cake