A DIY, Vineyard Wedding at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance, Missouri

Leslie Foldy (51 and a marketing manager) and Roy Silkwood’s (48 and a branch manager) wedding was the picture of fall. Drawing on a rich palette of autumnally inspired hues and the locale for inspiration, Leslie and Roy pulled off an intimate, fun-filled day with lots of cozy, rustic touches. Wine Country Gardens played host to the affair, the vineyard setting offering a stunning natural backdrop and welcoming atmosphere that went hand-in-hand with the couple’s vision. The couple made almost every detail themselves, giving the day an extra special touch, while keeping costs down. For months Leslie scoured the local vintage markets, antique shops and swap/swells to score unique accents, like bed springs, weather vanes, shutters and jars, which were then used to make inspired centerpieces and decorative displays. Silk flowers were used for most of the centerpieces, but for the bouquets and boutonnieres, the couple decided to go fresh, enlisting the help of a friend to create fall-inspired arrangements of fiery red and purple calla lilies, artichokes and lush greenery. Both Leslie and Roy have children from previous relationships, so to highlight the joining of the two families, it was important for the couple to have their children as involved in the proceedings as possible. Their sons and daughters were the only members of their wedding party and Leslie’s son Jared played the music during the ceremony. The couple also wrote their own vows, another touch that left a personal mark on the day. A tip for the taking from Leslie: “Keep a sense of humor and know there will be hiccups during your special day. These are the things you will look back on and remember so fondly. “