A DIY Vintage Wedding at Venue at the Grove in Phoenix, Arizona

Alexandra Transon (21, law student) and Michael Transon (23, president of marketing agency) met in church, and became close friends over the years before making the decision they wanted to be together forever. At the start of their wedding planning, Alexandra felt torn between her fairy tale dreams of a princess wedding, her love for all things do-it-yourself, the couple’s shared affinity for vintage decor and their desire to have a party where all 200 of our guests felt comfortable and welcome and danced like crazy. “Eventually, we decided to break away from all expectations of what each of these different styles should look like and melded them together. Why couldn’t classy and elegant decor look lovely alongside burlap and lace?” says the bride. Alexandra and Michael were married at Venue at the Grove, a stunning pecan orchard surrounded by little red barns and a white picket fence. On the day of the wedding, they arrived to find that the trees had exploded with bright green leaves almost overnight, roses were blooming everywhere, birds were chirping and the sun was shining. The couple took DIY to the extreme in every aspect of their wedding. The bride made her own wedding dress using my mom’s old lace, with her ivory satin buttons lining the back of the bodice. The groomsmen wore handmade boutonnieres incorporating fresh herbs, burlap, and vintage keys, and the decor included DIY creations as well as miscellaneous rustic vintage and elegant items. The couple embraced the eclectic mix of styles, reflecting their personalities to create a perfect night where sparkly heels were as welcome as bare feet playing lawn games.