A Dreamy, Intimate Wedding on a Sailboat in Orange Beach, Alabama

Though Devan Ham and Gage Patrick originally pictured themselves saying their vows on a beach in Greece, the couple soon discovered the ultimate destination wedding spot was only a quick walk to the beach and an anchor away. "We knew we didn't want to go traditional or have a large wedding but didn’t know what to do instead," Devan says. "Since we live so close to the beach, we decided on a private beach wedding, but we didn't just stop there." They decided to hold their wedding on a small sailboat, which they chartered for a sunset ride. Within two weeks, the couple had nailed down their wedding day: August 18, 2017, only two months after their planning had begun. The boat only allowed six people, per safety regulations, so Devan and Gage's best friends served as witnesses, while his childhood best friend served as an officiant and their photographer hopped aboard to snap photos. Gage wore a linen suit and Devan opted for a simple, relaxed gown. As for details, "the beach, the boat and the sky served as our décor," Devan says. Once the newlyweds exited the boat, they cut into slices of homemade cake and raised a champagne toast on the dock. Devan's favorite part of the day may come as a surprise. "The best part of it all is that it stormed all day," she says. "Weather was the one thing that needed to go right because the boat wouldn’t be able to sail in the rain. We just relaxed and continued our day without stressing too much. About 15 minutes before our first look, it just miraculously cleared up. We got through the entire ceremony with no rain. Right as we got back and popped the champagne, it started to downpour. It was so much fun even though we got wet!"