A Dual Civil and Nigerian Wedding at Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey

Omotayo Adeagbo (30 and a scientist) and Mayowa Falae (24 and a nurse) met during a mutual research class. After running into him and his nieces, Mayowa decided to strike up a conversation, and although she was initially caught off guards by his comments about her aspirational nursing profession, she still found him somehow intriguing. They starting talking more and more frequently, as Mayowa explains, "Overtime, he became my best friend, and I noticed this was a different relationship than others from my past--someone who put me before them and treated me the way I wanted." After dating for a while, Omotayo popped the question on New Year's Eve. With a large guest list of 350 attendees, the couple knew they had to find an accommodating venue, so they decided to book Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey. Most importantly, the venue had to accommodate both a classic white wedding and a traditional Nigerian wedding to reflect both their families' heritage. They were able to hire an outside vendor to provide a vast selection of Nigerian food for the reception, which also incorporated other cultural traditions, like a Nigerian money dance and family members dressed in traditional attire (including either yellow or purple head gear to denote their affiliation with either the bride or the groom). Even the color palette had cultural significance with the classic white wedding's palette of silver and purple for riches and royalty and the Nigerian palette of green and gold to signify "something that flourishes and stands out," Mayowa says.