A Dusty Blue and Burnt Orange Wedding at the Landerhaven in Cleveland, Ohio

Bryan Wildasinn (28 and an IT analyst) and Cari Steiner (27 and a senior account executive) met on the eve of Valentine's Day. Cari's girlfriends had forced her to accompany them to a bar where they met Bryan with his friends. Bryan fooled Cari into thinking that he was a train engineer, which gave her an excuse to reach out to him again. They were friends for a long time before Cari tricked him into a first date by inviting him to a happy hour with their friends and then fibbing that everyone except Bryan had bailed at the last minute. The couple began dating and soon moved in together. One evening, before heading to Bryan's parents' house for Christmas, the lights in the house went out. Cari heard Bryan nervously say "Um, Cari?" before the lights came back on and she saw him on his knees in front of her. Bryan and Cari were married in the fall at the Landerhaven in Cleveland, which they chose for its elegant ballroom and outdoor courtyard for the ceremony. Bryan liked the color gray and Cari liked the color dusty blue, so they added burnt orange to their pallete for a fun pop of color. Their stunning flower arrangements included burnt orange roses, orange hydrangeas, burnt orange gerbera daisies, thistles, and lamb's ear. The ceremony aisle and arch was lined with pumpkins. Their menu was seasonal and included spiced apple margheritas and spiced cake with apple filling. Bryan and Cari's wedding was very customized, from the personalized wine bottle favors to the Cleveland Browns themed garter. The result was a lovely fall wedding in dusty blue with just the right amount of vivid orange touches.