A Fall Wedding at Market Hall in Raleigh, North Carolina

Taylor Cox (26 and a high school math teacher) and David Ratledge (30 and a high school chemistry teacher) hosted a simple fall wedding with a natural palette and several homemade decorations. "We wanted the aesthetic to be simple and as inexpensive as possible without seeming too cheesy-DIY,” Taylor says. Her father built a 10-foot wooden backdrop for the ceremony and all the lanterns for the dining tables. David’s mother grew all the white pumpkins at her Indiana farm and took them to North Carolina for the wedding; Taylor’s mother made lighted orbs and trees for the reception. Market Hall's large open room gave the couple the flexibility to have the ceremony and reception in the same place by simply moving the chairs from the ceremony to the dining tables to clear space for a dance floor. Market Hall's surrounding cobblestone streets and cascades of string lights created the simplistic yet cozy ambiance Taylor and David desired. Taylor's sister designed their acorn-adorned invitations in recognition of the couple’s matching acorn tattoos. Since Raleigh, North Carolina is the "city of oaks," that had a special meaning for the couple and the acorn motif was carried on in many of the decorations. The newlyweds say that communication is the key to success in their relationship: “We aren't quick to get angry, and we make every effort we can to be quick to listen and slow to speak.” —Juliette Cheatham