A Festive New Year's Eve Wedding at Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Although they attended separate colleges, Lindsey (31 and a speech language pathologist assistant) and Nicolas (30 and a key account manager) were introduced through a mutual friend during their sophomore year. They dated for seven straight years, mutually agreed to take a break for another two years, and then rekindled their relationship around Christmas in 2012. Nick was home for the holidays and helped Lindsey move into her new apartment, hanging up a picture of a man and woman under a red umbrella with a black dog. Lindsey explained how she thought that photo would represent her, her dog Bogey (a college graduation present from Nick), and her future husband. Nick later told her mom that he hoped to be the "man under the red umbrella," deciding that his reconnection with Lindsey was fated. A year later, Nick proposed with a Christmas ornament he designed to recreate the red umbrella photograph that had come to symbolize their relationship. Although they planned on getting married that September, Lindsey excitedly found out she was pregnant, and decided not to put pressure on herself with the stress of wedding planning. They pushed the date back to December (apparently their lucky month!) and held a New Year's Eve wedding at Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they instantly swooned over the immaculate ballrooms and the added bonus of a water parks for their guests with children. The family-friendly holiday affair could not have been complete without baby Nya, who helped light the unity candle, and, of course, little black dog Bogey--dressed to the nines in his own custom collar with a gold tie and white shirt cuffs!