A Floral-Inspired Barn Wedding at Chandelier Grove in Tomball, Texas

Deborah Dou (29 and a business analyst) and Elton Wong (29 and a financial planner) met at the Houston Rodeo. “Deborah was dressed in an orange top, jeans and cowboy boots, and her hair was in a braid,” Elton says. “We realized we both went to the University of Texas at Austin but had never met each other there. It seemed like we were destined to meet.” For their soft pink and blue floral-rich spring wedding at Chandelier Grove in Tomball, Texas, Deborah and Elton showcased country charm and Texas flair. “It provided not only the perfect romantic garden feel with the beautiful landscapes but also the exact Texas charm—the barn, pecan tree grove and blue bonnets—we were looking for,” Deborah says. After an outdoor ceremony in front of 165 guests, Deborah and Elton burst into their barn reception like champions, ripping through a paper banner that read “Yes, we did!” After serving guests (many had traveled from China to attend) a meal of Peking duck and a variety of French macarons, Deborah and Elton left—like true champions—through a shower of petals. —Carolyn Meers