A Formal Modern Wedding at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, New Jersey

When Megan Diodato (28, an attorney) and Michael Bizzozzaro (29, a CPA), met at a Penn State bar, it wasn’t under traditional circumstances.“We were both dancing to ‘Shout’ and caught each other’s eye during the part in the song where they sing ‘A little bit lower now.’ We were both the lowest on the dance floor… it was dance at first sight,” Megan says. And when Mike proposed, it was just as sweet as their first meeting.He told Megan that he had a work event at the Central Park Boathouse. This is a pretty formal place, so Megan was dressed up. It was a beautiful day and they headed into the New York City from Hoboken, New Jersey. They walked through Central Park and headed toward the boat house. In order to get there you have to pass by the Bethesda Fountain, which has always been Megan's most favorite place in NYC -- if not the world. As they stepped out toward the fountain, he stopped Megan and dropped down to one knee. To Megan's further surprise, Mike had a photographer capture the entire moment. Afterwards, they had brunch at the Boathouse and then decided to have a glass of champagne at a local bar in Hoboken. As Megan walked in, she was in for another surprise... Mike had invited all of their closest friends in to celebrate!When Mike and Megan started planning their wedding, they were looking for a venue that was elegant and a place they could have a great time at with their friends.“We had our wedding at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland, New Jersey,” Megan says. “The moment we saw the modern, yet classic cocktail room, as well as the indoor/outdoor space, we knew it was for us. They truly provided the most impeccable service from start to finish.”And even though their wedding was formal and elegant in some ways, the fun-loving couple made sure to incorporate personalized touched into their reception. “Our cocktail hour had so much food!” Megan says. “We decided it would be fun to have a fresh mozzarella making station. It was such a big hit! We also wanted the space to immediately have touches of us as a couple. We had photos of each of us within our time as a couple, along with childhood photos too. There was also a beautiful baby grand piano in cocktail room, and we included a pianist -- it really set the tone. We wanted our wedding to truly reflect us as a couple, still having tons of fun even though it was a formal affair. So we chose a spicy tequila signature cocktail to add a little ‘spice’ to the event.”