A Formal, Rustic Wedding at Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club in Jackson, Wyoming

Hallie Yarbrough (30 and co-owner of the Writing Horse) and Robert Ramsey "Zee" Jennings Jr. (30 and in real estate development) met in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and always discussed how amazing it would be to get married there. When that day came, they made sure to show their families and friends—many of whom traveled great distances—just how beautiful their little piece of Wyoming is. "Given the location, I wanted to keep things stylish but simple enough not to distract from the beautiful mountain views," Hallie says. In fact, even the reception tent was strategically placed at the 13th hole at Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club's golf course to guarantee the best vistas. "We don't think a better view of the Tetons exists," Hallie adds. An organic color scheme of green and white played an essential role in highlighting the beauty of the surroundings, allowing even the most original elements to blend into the landscape. Moss and burlap accents added just the right amount of texture and depth to the day's palette, achieving the "rustic but elegant" look the couple envisioned for the day.