A Formal Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

After eHarmony “matched” them, Kelly and David agreed to meet at a local café. Kelly arrived for their 7 p.m. date, and after 30 minutes of waiting for Dave, finally called to see where he was. As it turns out, Dave had been sitting in another café waiting for Kelly! After they cleared up the miscommunication, Kelly knew Dave was “the one” about a month later. Despite dating long-distance at times, Kelly had been hoping Dave would propose starting nine months into their relationship. The Bride Kelly Sisson, 28, a graduate student The Groom David Lessens, 27, a medical resident The Date May 24 A year later, she even left Dave a note in her jewelry box with her ring size, in case he ever looked inside to check out her rings and figure it out himself -- which, he did! They had been dating for almost two years when Dave proposed, down on one snowshoe, while the two were enjoying a winter day in Ann Arbor.