A Formal Wedding in San Francisco, CA

Suzanne accepted a piece of candy from Sandon at a party, and they ended up talking the entire night. They spent a lot of time together after that, but things were cut short when Suzanne left for college in Colorado. They stayed in touch and eventually started dating seriously. The Bride Suzanne La Vallee, 29, substitute teacher The Groom Sandon Duncan, 30, patent attorney The Date August 2 After the two returned from a trip to Europe, Sandon was accepted to law school in Oregon. Not wanting to tempt fate with a long-distance relationship, Suzanne relocated to be with him. Two years later, Suzanne and Sandon flew to UC Berkeley (his alma mater) to watch a football game and stayed at an upscale hotel. That night, he brought Suzanne to tears with an out-of-the-blue proposal on bended knee.