A Fun Baseball Stadium Wedding at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kortney Spaeth (24 and a retail manager) and Logan Bratton (25 and a sales lead) met in college as part of the university programming committee. "I was one of the leaders in charge of the meetings, and Logan claims he fell in love with me because I was the most awkward person there," Kortney recalls. Logan had planned to propose at a family get-together for Kortney's birthday. "One night, a week prior to the party, we had baseball on and were playing video games. I was getting a little too 'passionate' about how poorly the Twins were playing that day, and I was having a rough game on Halo. Logan looked at me and said, 'This is you in your element. I just can't wait another week,' and proposed to me on the spot. I never imagined wearing pajamas when he proposed. It was perfect, though!" Kortney says. The couple's love of baseball led them to their unique wedding venue: Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play their home games. The couple built their theme around this location, with baseball ticket invitations, vintage baseball memorabilia decor, a red and blue color palette (the Twins' colors) and a ceremony right on home plate. "We even had guests embrace our theme so much that they arrived in baseball jerseys!" Kortney says.