A Fun Rooftop Wedding at The Inn at Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado

Tiffany Campbell (30 and a cake decorator) Matthew Dolan (35 and a para professional) met in Florida through mutual friends. On one sunny Sunday morning, Matt proposed at Daniel’s Park. The couple wanted a classy, comfortable and fun wedding. They knew they wanted to get married on a rooftop patio with string of twinkly lights, and that’s exactly what they did. It was important to them to have string lights and paper lanterns hanging over the space, and to be able to dine under the stars during the reception. They exchanged vows and then flipped the area for the ceremony. The couple chose blush as their main color and used black, ivory and gold accents throughout the details. Tiffany and Matt wanted to DIY as much as they could including baking four of their own wedding cakes. “My sister helped me for a long day of baking the day before our wedding,” Tiffany says. “This did not go without a hitch. The strawberry cupcakes sank and had to be remade. Matt’s cake fell apart and was cleverly pieced back together. The cakes took twice as long to bake and cool as I wanted them to, and I was about an hour and a half late to my own rehearsal dinner party.” She also made both regular and mini cupcakes in Oreo, coconut, chocolate salted caramel, s’mores, cookie dough, Kentucky bourbon, lemon raspberry, lemon lavender and strawberry. “I remember at the wedding, there was a mad dash when it was announced that cake is being served,” Tiffany says. “That was the best compliment! I loved seeing the photos of our guests with plates full of cupcakes and cake." From the Bride: “Do what you want and don’t worry about what others thing,” she says. “If you want to wear blue shoes, but you’re worried they don’t go with your wedding colors, wear them! It’s your wedding, and it will make you the happiest that day.”