A Fun, Surprise Wedding at a Private Residence in Moosic, Pennsylvania

Olivia Albright (24, TV new producer) and Andrew Brochu (24, commercial HVAC estimator) were best friends in high school thanks to similar schedules and alphabetically ordered names. They grew closer as co-captains of the debate team. The two dated briefly after high school, but soon grew apart as Olivia attended Villanova University and Andrew went to Johns Hopkins. After Andrew lived in New York and Olivia traveled around Europe, both of them returned to Allentown to settle down. They avoided each other for a few months before reconnecting. After a traumatic Halloween episode in which Andrew saved Olivia and her sister, the two of them spent the night catching up and listening to music, and they fall back in love. It wasn't long after that they started talking marriage. Andrew proposed with a house, inviting Olivia to live with him and stay there forever. The couple knew they wanted to do something different and memorable for their wedding. Olivia and Andrew invited their guests to an engagement party at a family member's house in Moosic, Pennsylvania. They picked this house because its mountainous backdrop and wooded surroundings provided the perfect location for an autumn wedding. Andrew and Olivia's guests arrived at the wedding expecting small talk about their future marriage. What they didn't know was that Andrew and Olivia had already gotten married a few days earlier, at the Egner Chapel of Muhlenberg College with only their immediate family in attendance. Everyone's jaws dropped as Olivia emerged in a wedding dress. Andrew and Olivia's surprise wedding definitely goes down in the books as an event their guests will always remember.