A Garden DIY Wedding at The Estate On The Halifax in Port Orange, Florida

Carla, a marketing manager, 24, and Kevin, a grocery manager, 24, wanted to embrace their new lives together as well as note the generations that came before them. this was reflected in their wedding decor. The theme for their wedding day was developed from the concept of a person digging through his or her grandmother's memory chest and finding the vintage artifacts intact, says Carla. With this in mind, they chose green as their wedding color. While Carla had always loved green, she also chose the color for its affiliation with spring and symbolism of "a new life ahead," says Carla. The couple had a few DIY elements incorporated in their special day, as well. The centerpieces, paper cones holding fans at the ceremony and silhouettes of their faces incorporated into the reception decor were all DIY. Kevin designed the invitations. The flower arrangements at the ceremony and reception were made by Carla's mother. Carla's sister also made the cupcakes that would surround their one tier wedding cheesecake. "It takes a village!" says Carla. The couple celebrated with an indoor reception decorated with floral and vintage accents. Carla and Kevin chose to not serve alcohol at their wedding. In lieu of a signature cocktail, guests enjoyed a chocolate fountain during the cocktail hour with fruit, pretzels, marshmallows and graham crackers available to dip. The couple spent their wedding surrounded by 120 members of their family and friends.