A Garden-Inspired November Wedding at Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Katina Omand (28 and a nurse) and Blake Movitz (29 and a physician) met when she was a server at a local diner and he was a regular customer. Blake found her on Facebook and asked her out. Four years later, they were engaged. Their original plan was to have a destination wedding on Thanksgiving weekend. When they realized that wasn’t possible, they opted for the next-best thing: a venue that didn’t feel like they were in Michigan in November. The Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield delivered: With lush plants, exotic flowers and a greenhouse showcasing the sky, “you felt like you were in a tropical garden,” Katina says. Not only was the venue beautiful for an elegant, black-tie affair, but the nondenominational space was also perfect for combining elements of Katina’s Greek Orthodox background and Blake’s Hungarian Jewish heritage. The ceremony blended the two faiths: a Jewish blessing and the traditional breaking of the glass, plus an icon of the Virgin Mary at the back of the altar, painted in the village where Katina’s family had lived before immigrating to the US. The party flowed from the ceremony to the reception, also at the Conservatory, and featured ethnic appetizers, a classic Greek band, a Jewish hora and European desserts. “The whole day was personalized,” Katina says. “It was really a wedding made for Blake and me.” —Chrissy Sorenson