A Garden-Inspired Wedding at Saint Thomas Preservation Hall in Wilmington, North Carolina

With exposed brick walls, sky high ceilings and stained glass windows all reflecting the history and beauty of the location, it was an easy for Elizabeth Coyle (26 and an administrative assistant) and Tim Thomasson (28 and a United States Navy Nuclear Operator) to choose Saint Thomas Preservation Hall in Wilmington, North Carolina, for their wedding. “It is a restored former Catholic Church built in 1847 as the first African American Catholic Church in the state of North Carolina,” Elizabeth says. “It is a landmark in Wilmington's Historic District and is listed on the National Historic Register. It was a quiet, private gem in the middle of downtown.” Wanting the modern space to feel more like a Southern garden in the spring, Elizabeth and Tim filled the space with overflowing florals they made themselves! “It was a huge feat, as most of us had no experience in floral decor, but we made out with a result that exceeded my expectations,” Elizabeth says of the textured bouquets, towering aisle decor and lush centerpieces. Although Elizabeth and Tim planned and made all the details themselves, they enlisted the help of Mary Beth Moore to ensure they got hitched without a hitch the day of the wedding. Mary Beth wasn't the only one who helped, though, and we love how Elizabeth and Tim included everyone into their day with groomsmen folding programs, bridesmaids arranging flowers and Elizabeth’s mother ironing all of the linen napkins in her hotel room. One of the couple’s friends, Chance, even brewed the newlyweds a craft beer as a wedding gift. It was a traditional German hefeweizen he titled “Man and Hefe-wife-zen!” There are so many details we love–see them all, beautifully captured by Susie Linquist Photography, below.