A Garden-Style Spring Wedding at the Acre Orlando in Orlando, Florida

rn Inspired by springtime and their cultural backgrounds, Elisabeth Everett (25 and an accountant) and Lewis Everett (24 and a musician) had a colorful celebration at the Acre Orlando in Orlando, Florida, filled with personal flair. “The Acre spoke to us immediately with its tin-roofed building and lush landscaping,” Elisabeth says. “It was a perfect location for our relaxed outdoor wedding.” With a little help from her parents, they decorated the outdoor ceremony with these sweet suspended flower garlands and painted DIY signs that look nothing short of professional. The bridesmaids even wore these green, blue, peach and blush dresses to resemble bunches of wildflowers, which also lined every reception table. For Elisabeth and Lewis, having a giant party was most important. They served international cuisine ranging from Southern shrimp and grits to mushroom ravioli and black beans and rice. Instrumental Cuban music even played in the background during the cocktail hour. After a night on the dance floor, every guest went home with a CD wedding favor to commemorate how Elisabeth and Lewis used to share mixed CDs. Catch these details and more, shot by Old Pine Pictorial, below.