A Garden Wedding in Laguna Beach, CA

Courtney spotted Andrew from across the room while out on Saint Patrick’s Day in New York City. She pointed him out to her friend, who quickly realized that she knew Andrew and took the liberty of introducing them. Courtney didn’t get to talk to Andrew much that night but her friend made sure they had the opportunity to get to know each other when they all hung out again a couple of weeks later; soon they were dating. The Bride Courtney O. Hill, 30, an advertising and marketing manager The GroomAndrew Flint, 31, vice president of a real estate company The Date September 20 Almost two years later, Courtney was readying her place to have friends over for drinks when Andrew called and asked her to meet him outside. Slightly annoyed, she did as he asked. Beneath the tree in front of Courtney’s building, Andrew proposed.