A Geeky DIY Wedding at Odiorne State Park in Rye, New Hampshire

Jennifer Kneeland (33, a Business Analyst) and Jacob Paul (33, a Business Analyst) wanted their unique Odiorne State Park wedding celebrated three things: Fun, Games, and Nerdery. "We are both gamers and wanted to have our day reflect that," Jen says. The DIY decor was inspired by classic Nintendo games. "Jacob created 8-Bit characters from various game titles out of perler fusing beads," Jen says of the couple's geeky decor. Fun game inspired elements like the jellybean power-up favors, the Tetris blocks used as a guest book, and the perler Mario Kart cake topper of the couple rounded out the geeky DIY decor. "We wanted our wedding to bright and fun, and we feel we pulled it off well! We went to great lengths in such a short amount of time for planning to make sure every moment of our day reflected us as a couple: the low-key dress, the music, the game theme, and the food. Even the entire wedding ceremony reflected who were are. We were surrounded by the people we love, the ideas we love, the quotes and the memories we share," Jen says. Check out more photos by Sarah Marie Studios below!