A Glam, New Year's Eve Wedding at Trolley Square Waterfront Banquets in Appleton, Wisconsin

High-school sweethearts Megan (28 and an audiologist) ad Tim (27 and a student) met after Tim happened to compliment Megan on a now questionable outfit during class. "Our story began when he told me I looked good in a pair of striped pants," Meg laughs. "Then there was a late night phone call where I admitted that I had a crush on him. It was a high school romance of its finest -- it included all sort of butterflies and awkwardness." Over the next 10 years, the couple dated on and off before Meg had a realization in the City of Love. "I was drinking wine under the Eiffel Tower with my best friend when I decided that Tim and I should try it out one last time," she says. "Sure enough, it was the best decision I ever made." After a reunion and a proposal that followed a year later, the couple began planning a New Year's Eve wedding that included 200 friends and family members. "Our wedding was definitely inspired by the idea of an old-fashioned, romantic, New Year's Eve celebration," the bride says. "I couldn't help but picture everything in black and white with glamorous details -- including party horns, hats and too much champagne." Silver mercury glass votives decorated each table, while black and gold elements were scattered throughout the reception space. But after a champagne-filled night that included a classic New Year's kiss, the couple agreed that the highlight of the night was when they first laid eyes on one another. "Our favorite part of the day was our first look," Meg explains. "Having that first look without a church full of people staring at you made all of the difference. We laughed, we kissed and we even cried. I wish I could relive that moment."