A Glam Pink and White Wedding at Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, New Jersey

Daurisa Villanueva (44 and a makeup artist) and Fred Tessier's (36 and a marketing and advertising executive and entrepreneur) wedding theme was unconditional love. Their goal? For their guests to really feel their love throughout the entire day. The couple chose a glam pairing of white and gold for their celebration, with bold pops of magenta pink. “The color white was everywhere, Daurisa says. “It was important to Fred and me because it symbolizes purity, light and goodness.” The bride walked herself down the aisle to meet her partner. “It signified to me that it was all about Fred and me and our journey together,” Daurisa says. The couple had an “XO” table formation at their reception for a unique, and fitting, seating arrangement. Gold sequin linens with gold flatware and romantic candlelight dazzled guests, and the pink uplighting added a festive touch to the space. “It was the celebration of a lifetime,” Daurisa says. The DJ played everything from reggae and soca to pop and classical.