A Glam Wedding at The Oviatt Penthouse in Los Angeles, California

Cory and Randy met during spin class at Gold's Gym. "Cory was teaching spinning and I was a participant. Cory's mom, visiting from out of town attende

Cory and Randy met during spin class at Gold's Gym. "Cory was teaching spinning and I was a participant. Cory's mom, visiting from out of town attended a class and struck up a conversation with me," says Randy. "After getting the low-down from his mom, Cory soon asked me out to drinks at Cat and the Fiddle in Hollywood. That was 12 years ago!" The two found inspiration in the music video for Florence and the Machine's song "Spectrum." "Both of us love Florence and the art deco feel of the video. We used a color palette of black, soft champagne gold and pops of burgundy," says Randy. The couple chose the Oviatt Penthouse in Los Angeles because it was classic (and it was already decorated in all-out champagne gold. "It's a 1930s art deco style venue -- so Old Hollywood. It was the perfect backdrop to our evening," he says. Cory and Randy's friend Melissa officiated their wedding as "Commissioner for the Day." "It was very empowering for a gay couple to hear her say 'and by the power vested in me by the state of California,'" Randy says. "It made all that marching for equality we did worth it!"

Both Cory and Randy picked out platinum rings with dark pave diamonds lining the center of the band, pictured here with an antler on a stripped background.
Cory and Randy got ready together at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. They each helped one another tie their formal bow ties and fasten cuff links.
"We bought our own tuxedos. As for the ladies, they went all out and found gowns inspired by the art deco era. One groomslady even flew in a hair and makeup artist to help complete the 1930s hair and makeup looks," says Randy.
The ceremony took place in an Old Hollywood courtyard outdoors. The couple walked down the aisle on a dark aisle runner, lined by luxe over-size white bouquets of flowers.
A centerpiece of the reception was this Love marquee lighting sign -- it was the backdrop for many pictures throughout the night.
"All of the guests had access to a full open bar during the cocktail hour and reception. We rounded the night out with art deco style cupcakes and pulled pork sliders," says Randy.
"My mother Diana remarked to Cory, 'All I can think about is the love  shown during that entire event. Yours and Randy's love for one another, parents love for their children, siblings' love for their brothers, other relatives too, and love of friends.   It was a celebration of love,'" says Randy.
"We knew we wanted to be married in tuxedos from the beginning. But it wasn't until after we booked the Oviatt Penthouse did the style start to gel. We loved the venue so much, we thought it would be so classy to sip martinis, dressed dapper and surrounded by the LA skyline," says Randy.
The Old Hollywood, art deco vibe of the Oviatt Penthouse made it the perfect choice for Cory and Randy's glam, champagne colored event.